Throne Eco King Toilet Bidet

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CODE: 080SA Eco King


  • Automatic Open/Close of Toilet Seat and Lid
  • Auto Flushing 
    A small flush of about 3L will be used if the seat is occupied for less than 25 seconds.
    A full flush of about 4.5L will be used when the seat is occupied for over 25 seconds.
    Dual auto flush is available by seat sensor after the user stands up.
  • Hi-Tech Wireless Remote
    Auto flush is available by wireless remote control
  • Seat Sensor
    The Seat sensor detects when you sit down on the seat and allows the toilet to flush when you leave
  • Heated Seat 
    The seat temperature is adjustable
  • Super Water Saving Toilet 
    The system features perfect flushing even with low pressure (1.5kgs/cm2.20L/min) with a considerable water saving of 3L for a half flush and 4.5L for a full flush
  • Siphon Water Jet, Tornado Flushing
    Water is flushed by the use of high pressure jet nozzles, known as Tornado flushing. This System, while extremely effcient uses only a small amount of water with its Siphon water jet technology.
  • 1 Pocket 3 Way Nozzle (Stainless)
    Posterior Wash: Cleanses the posterior
    Feminine Wash: Cleanses the vaginal area comfortable with clean aerated water.Enema Wash: Sends off a stream of clean water into the rectum to help pass a motion
  • Soft Close
    The seat and lid close down softly
  • S-Trap / P-Trap Compatible
    Less cost against wall-hung toilet wall-hung toilet system
    Ceramic Pan S-Trap 200-350 mm
    Acrylic Pan S-Trap 80-200 mm
    Standard Set Out P-Trap 180mm
  • Night Light
    The LED light is designed to light up the bowel making it easier to use at night


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