EcoBidet R500

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The Eco Bidet S500 is a great bidet product and comes equipped with all the features you may need in a bidet plus more. There is no other bidet on the market which can match the Eco Bidet S500 when it comes to features vs price. Actually the Eco S500 it is the cheapest and most affordable certified bidet with remote on the Australian market. It has most or even all the features you will find in a premium bidet at double or triple the price.


  • Remote control
  • Deodorization to absorb toilet odours
  • Rear wash and feminine wash
  • Dryer which will significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper required
  • Heated seat for those cold winter mornings
  • Air bubble infusion into the water stream to achieve better cleaning and conserve water consumption
  • Energy efficient will learn the weekly usage patterns to save energy


  • Adjust the nozzle position to the spot where it suits you best no need to adjust yourself to reach the nozzle
  • Child option, if selected the bidet will reduce the water pressure and nozzle position by half in order to adjust for a much gentler wash suitable for a child.
  • The bidet runs a self-cleaning procedure before and after every user of the nozzle to maintain a higher hygiene standard.
  • Water pulse and massage option for an enhanced bidet experience
  • Quick release to detach the main body of the bidet in order to clean properly under and around it.