• Broadway Alcazar Corner Spa Bath

    A corner spa that offers luxury side by side bathing at an affordable price.

    Features include soft cushioned headrests, hydrotherapy jets (16 in all), electronic hot pump operation, good depth for full body coverage, yet the jets are positioned low enough for minimum water usage and a touch pad hot pump.

    Dollar for dollar – the best value in the marketplace.

    16 jet spa.

    Working capacity: 185 litres

  • Broadway Alhambra Corner Spa Bath

    Appealing in design, the Alhambra offers family bathing with 3 raised seats, a non slip centre, integral cushioned headrests and a depth that offers full immersion.
    Contoured armrests and optional recessed hand rails complete this exceptional spa bath.

    7 jet spa.

    Working capacity: 160 Litres

    11 & 15 jet optional.



  • Broadway Allura Built-in Spa Bath

    A deep wide “Hydrotherapy Spa Bath” in four sizes 1220, 1530, 1670, & 1800 mm, with 6 fully adjustable jets or 10 jets optional.
    The Allura offers consumers a plethora of extras, non slip shower base, lumbar support, neck roll, armrests and timber base support for ease of installation.

    Mini jets optional, head rest optional.

    6 jet spa bath.

    Working capacity: 135 litres & 150 litres.

    Available also in 10 & 12 jet.

    Also available as a bath

  • Broadway Alpha/Alpha B Built-in Spa Bath

    The new “in look” clean lines no contours maximising space to bathe.
    Alpha “A” is the Island Setting Bath, while the Alpha “B” gives the user a non-slip base and tiling bead to use as a multi purpose shower bath.
    Headrest optional on both baths, available in black or white.

    6 jet, 12 jet or 14 jet spa bath.

    Working capacity: 160 litres & 180 litres.

    Also available as a bath.

  • Broadway Andorra Built-in Spa Bath

    The flagship of the Collection. The generous proportions of the Andorra invite two person occupancy. Cushioned headrests, 8 jets and recessed spa pool grab rails make for luxury bathing.
    The tiling bead allows for your choice of installation – island setting or shower over bath.

    8 jet spa bath.

    Working capacity: 170 litres

    Also available: 16 jet hydrotherapy (as shown)

  • Broadway Andulucia Built-in Spa Bath

    Like to be different, this eye-catching design will become a stunning feature in any bathroom.
    Side-by-side bathing with a dual base so the body is fully immersed, hand rails, headrests, electronic touch pad hot pump are all standard on this unique bath tub.

    14 jet spa.

    Working capacity: 230 litres

  • Broadway Angulo Free Standing Bath / Spa


    80mm edge, steel frame with adjustable feet. Available as a bath only or as a 12 jet Spa bath with ‘shadow’ jets, push button or electronic touch pad hot pump.
    Now available with remote Hot Pump & Mood Light.

    2 size: 

  • Broadway Ataud Free Standing Bath / Spa

    A free standing bath with so many options. The perpendicular sides enable a neat flush fit in the smallest areas.
    Also can be used as a shower bath a most unusual option for a free stander.


    80mm edge bath, the Ataud can be purchased as a bath only or a 12 jets spa bath. The pump is concealed inside the cavity of the bath so from the exterior it appears a normal free standing bath but has the therapeutic value of a spa bath.
    Easy to install, just slide into place, adjust the legs for level, plug in the power lead for the pump and you’re spaing Now available with remote Hot Pump & Mood Light.

    2 sizes:


  • Broadway Bargello Built-in Spa Bath

    Luxury bathing for two people. Deep and Wide the Bargello has all the features, dual arm rests, contoured seating, two headrests, electronic touch pad hot pump (standard) and a multitude of jets to massage your troubles away.

    Lie back in the warm water and enjoy.

    8 jet spa bath.

    Working capacity: 190 litres

    Also available: 16 jet hydrotherapy (as shown)

  • Broadway Castilla Built-in Spa Bath

    A purpose built two person spa with all the luxury features. 1800mm in length yet under 1 metre in width, enabling the smallest bathroom another option.

    Optional headrests, 1hp pump, hydro directional and/or “Shadow” jets, spa pool grab rails, a cosy one for two.

    Available in 8 or 15 jets.

    Working capacity: 170 litres

    Hand rails standard

  • Broadway Catolina Built-in Spa Bath

    This sleek European designed bath offers two person hydrotherapy bathing with sophisticated style.
    The bathers are treated to a combination of swirl and directional jets, optional headrests (clip on or upright), optional electronic touch-pad to control the amount of heat from the powerful 1hp pump.

    A designer piece to suit any bathroom.

    6, 8, 10 & 14 jet spa bath.

    Working capacity: 165 litres

    3 sizes available:
    1550 x 840 x 480
    1680 x 840 x 480
    1800 x 840 x 500

    Also available as a bath.

  • Broadway Distincto Built-in Spa Bath

    Distinctly different, rippled neck roll blends into hand rests which lead to a large shower area. Luxuriously deep the Distincto offers 7 jets standard with the option of 13 jets. Also available with the NEW “Shadow” Slim Line Jets.

    ‘Sportz’ Air floor injection system shown.

    Available in 7 & 13 jet.
    Working capacity – 170 Litres

  • Broadway Elise Built-in Spa Bath

    The Elise offers the finest in hydrotherapy bathing. A contoured design bath with all the features. Soft padded headrest, recessed lumbar and shoulder jets, comfortable arm rests and electronic touch pad, hot pump standard, the jets are available in your choice of Shadow Jets or Dome Adjustable jets.

    Working capacity –180 Litres

    Available in 2 Sizes

  • Broadway Estella Built-in Spa Bath

    Classic design that suits modern or traditional decor. Generous in length and width the Estella accommodates the tallest of bathers in style. Its smooth lines a feature in any bathroom. Pictured with mini jets. 6 jet spa.

    Working capacity – 155 Litres

    10 & 14 jet optional

    Optional: Clusters of 4 Mini-Jets available

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